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Oil Change Services and Transmission


In normal driving conditions gearbox oil change must be done at intervals of:

  1. 60,000 km

  2. 100,000 km

  3. 130,000 km

  4. And every 30000 km after …

All cars with automatic transmission must have oil filter changed at the same time as oil. Some type of gearboxes have two different type of filters where main internal does all the hard work and only accessible by gearbox specialist.

Signs of Automatic gearbox overheating

1. Loss of power

2. Smoke coming from your car

3. Burning smell

4. Erratic shifts

If your car experiences any of these symptoms then your transmission is possibly overheating due to a lack of gearbox oil or possible contamination of water so you need to pull over immediately and call for advice.. If you continue driving when this occurs you will face serious internal gearbox damage.

Gears fail to engage properly

An automatic transmission uses a series of small rubberized transmission bands to synchronize gear operations. Transmission bands that are too tight can cause premature wear of the gears and cause the bands to break. Bands that are too loose can cause gear slippage and a situation where a gear fails to engage properly. In this case gearbox needs to be serviced in order to avoid internal damage.

Average cost for a Automatic Transmission Fluid, Filter Change is around 250 € – 600 € highly depending on car model, gearbox type, amount of oil needed and number of filters to be changed

Saved on servicing - big loss on repairs!!! 

Manual gearbox oil change

Manual gearbox service.jpg.jpg

Usually in normal driving conditions require a gearbox oil change every 30000 km

Top Low Manual Transmission Fluid Symptoms are

1) Shifting Difficulties

2) Slow Engagement. ...

3) Vibrations. ...

4) Lurching. ...

5) Stuck Clutch Pedal. ...

6) Darker Fluid. ...

7) Sluggish ...

8) Fluid Leak.

Average cost for Manual Transmission Fluid, Filter Change is around 80 € – 200 €

Differential oil change



Usually, differential fluid is changed every 30000 to 50000 kilometer cycles, depending on make/model. This job should be be handled by an expert technician. Only an experienced mechanic can properly clean differential out the old fluid from your vehicle's drive-train.

Most differentials need a fluid change at about 50,000 km. If left too long or if the fluid starts to run low, the differential will become noisy and can eventually fail. If that happens, the gears can seize, locking up the rear wheels and potentially causing permanent damage or even an accident.

Differential fluid change cost averages between 80€-200€ for the rear and 70€ - 150€ for the front, coming in at a total price of between 150€-350€ for the differential fluid change.

Transfer case oil change

Gearbox variator.jpg

For normal driving conditions, the transfer case fluid should be changed at least every 60,000-70,000 kilometers or sooner if so recommended in the maintenance schedule. The fluid should also be changed if the transfer case has been submerged in water.

Difficulty changing gears – Low or dirty transfer case fluid can affect your transmission's ability to shift gears. It can also result in your car unexpectedly falling out of four-wheel drive.

Loud noises while driving – As the transfer case fluid loses its lubricating properties, friction will occur inside

Changing the transfer case fluid cost averages between 80€-350€.

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